Occupational Health and Workers Compensation Care

Protect your business with our occupational health programs

All of your employees — even those who aren’t Kaiser Permanente members — can get treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses through Kaiser On-the-Job, our occupational health program. Our centers provide:

  • specialized care for work-related injuries
  • skilled physicians who are board certified or board eligible in occupational medicine or a related specialty
  • urgent and after-hours care available 24 hours a day, every day at many locations
  • coordinated clinical services, including physical therapy, radiology, specialty care, and pharmacy
  • onsite staff who works with you, your employees, and any medical or insurance providers

Many of our dedicated occupational health centers are located on Kaiser Permanente hospital campuses, so it’s easy for your employees to take care of their health needs in one trip.

Lower cost, more effective care

See how Kaiser On-the-Job® helped Macy`s reduce costs and quickly return their employees to good health.

Compared to other occupational health services for injured Macy`s employees, care from Kaiser On-the-Job resulted in:

Kaiser On-the-Job resulted in 12% lower total costs per claim, 41% lower direct medical costs per claim, 62% fewer claims involving litigation, 45% lower per-claim medical costs for low back injuries and 54% lower per-claim costs for shoulder and upper arm injuries.

Complete your strategy with occupational health services

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Occupational health and safety services

Get the support you need to comply with state and federal worksite regulations — or simply protect the long-term health of your employees and your business.

Services offered by Kaiser On-the-Job

  • Medical evaluations

  • Preplacement/post-offer examinations
  • Fitness-for-duty & return-to-work examinations
  • Department of Transportation/DMV examinations
  • Sceening/monitoring

  • Respiratory clearance
  • Asbestos evaluations
  • Lead surveillance
  • Hazardous waste worker evaluations
  • Firefighter examinations
  • Hearing conservation
  • Drug/alcohol testing

  • Urine specimen collection
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • Immunizations

  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis

What you get with Kaiser On-the-Job

  • Cost savings — Employees in our care get back to work faster and at a lower cost.
  • Available to all your employees — All of your employees, not just your Kaiser Permanente members, can access our occupational health services.
  • Support for you throughout the process — You’ll get timely reports on employee work status, and we’ll work closely with you to coordinate your employees’ appropriate return to work.
  • One-stop convenience — Nearly all of our centers are located in or near clinical facilities, offering convenient access to specialists, pharmacy, X-ray, physical therapy, and more.
  • Advanced health information technology — Caregivers have real-time access to the electronic medical records of Kaiser Permanente members, helping them make quick, well-informed decisions that improve outcomes.
  • Culturally responsive care — Members receive care that respects their diverse health beliefs, values, and behaviors, which helps to improve outcomes.

Maximize your results by partnering with a provider who can integrate your medical, workforce health, and occupational health strategies. Get more information about our occupational health services where you are:

Oregon and Washington

  • Some plan options, products, and riders not available in all Kaiser Permanente areas.